Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016

Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao is expanding its’ Technical Diving Department in 2016. We will be conducting a series of IANTD Tech courses between 11th May 2016 and 23rd May 2016 with a view to offering employment to suitable candidates who gain certification.  You do not need to be an IANTD  Instructor to take part in any of the courses that are offered, however there are certain prerequisites  which are listed below each course.


The Instructor for these courses will be the well respected Rasmus Dysted.


Rasmus has been a Diving Instructor since 1994 & started technical and cave diving in 1996. He has logged over 5000 dives in most parts of the world. Rasmus has written several course programs & materials, is an Instructor Trainer in 4 different training organisations and is also training military special ops. He is specialized in sidemount, CCR cave and trimix and is an Instructor on more than 10 different rebreathers.  His wide range of IANTD certifications make him the ideal candidate to teach the courses we will be offering.


Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016In order to give everyone attending  the opportunity to sign up to become an Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor the schedule will start with the Normoxic courses first.





The planned Tech courses are as follows :


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New Promo Video for Davy Jones Locker Koh Lipe

New Promo Video for Davy Jones Locker Koh LipeDavy Jones Locker currently has Dive Centers on Koh Tao and Koh Lipe. Koh Lipe is situated on the west coast of Thailand close to the Malaysian border and on the edge of the Tarutao national park. It is a small, quiet island great for families and people want to relax. The beaches are beautiful and the surrounding waters are ideal for SCUBA diving or snorkelling.


Koh Lipe was originally inhabited by the Chao Lei people who were sea gypsies that settled here, it now caters for tourists and divers who usually visit in high season from November to May. The Davy Jones Locker dive center is located on Pattaya beach, one of the 3 main beaches on Koh Lipe which are all within walking distance. It has 5 star IDC status which means people can be trained all the way up to a professional level and become PADI dive Instructors.


The new Davy Jones Locker promo video provides a glimpse of what is like a visit an island paradise and dive a crystal clear ocean with an abundance of marine life.



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Locating the HTMS Phangan wreck

HTMS Phangan


The HTMS Phangan was located 60 nautical miles from Koh Tao. She lies in 60 meters of clear water and you can reach the top of the wreck at 48 meters. Although The HTMS Phangan was a Royal Thai Navy vessel she was sunk in a storm, not in battle, with no loss of life.




HTMS Phangan chimney stack


She was located by Tim Lawrence​ from Davy Jones​ Locker and Jamie McCloud and his team of divers from the Trident boat. It was a great find as the wreck can be reached within 6 hours from Koh Tao and can be used for finishing off tech courses. If you are interested in future expeditions that Davy Jones Locker will be undertaking or would like more information about tech course please send us a message via our contact page



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Tottori Maru Wreck

This is footage from 2012 when a team from Davy Jones Locker dived the Tottori Maru Wreck which is located in the southern area of the gulf of Siam.  The Tottori Maru was being used for transporting war supplies and was also a notorious “hell ship” which carried alllied POW’s. Fortunately none were on board when the ship was torpedoed by US submarine USS hammerhead.

The Totorri Maru wreck can be reached at 62 meters and it is 76 meters to the seabed.


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The Unicorn Wreck Koh Tao

Shipwrecks change, all shipwrecks are unstable, they are constantly being attacked by the environment and eventually get swallowed into the sand to be forgotten. No part of the wreck is unchanged over time, the shallower the wreck the more oxygenated the water and heavy sea states accellerate the decomposition making deciphering the story of the wreckage that littel bit more challenging.

diving the Unicorn wreck koh tao


Our local tech training wreck known as the Unicorn was an insurance scam according to the locals. It’s anchored 4 nautical miles off the northernmost part of Koh Tao and slowly slipped beneath the waves as the water rushed into the hold via the open seacock. The ship was insured for a cargo off tinned tuna but when the salvage team (Mermaid Marine) arrived they found only inexpensive dog food.


She sits at 48 meters to the sand listing to the port at 45 degrees with the starboard gunwale (the top edge of the side of a boat) at 45 meters. When diving this wreck we would normally tie into the mast at the top of the bridge or the top of the mast, both at 40 meters. The visibility on this wreck is normally around 4-5 meters, a good knowledge of this wreck is essential for good navigation so I was surprised to when diving a couple of days ago (16/1/16) to not find the mast on top of the bridge, just part of the base. Confused a little I searched a little longer but was only left with a reminder that nothing stays the same. eventually tieing in to the base and signalling our surface support that the shot (weight) was secure.


What removed the mast? Possibly a passing trawler or maybe a large dive boat? It’s very easy to forget a 20 tonne vessel exerts 20 tonnes of lift in a heavy sea state especially if the line securing the vessel isn’t let out sufficiently. The recommendation is 3 times the depth, that’s a lot of line when tied into 40 meters. Most companies in Thailand won’t won’t have that much line on board, 100 meters being the norm. The cause may never be found, another story to add to the history of the unicorn shipwreck.



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