Rummage on a Wreck Mound

Great to start the day with a rummage on a wreck mound! Our wreck mound of choice was a 200 tonne scooner which was sunk by a 5″ deck gun fired from a beleno class submarine called the USS Bugara in August 1944. The scooner was located and identified by a team of divers from […]

Wreck Diving Thailand, the Torpedo, Koh Tao

The DJL Tech team have been off wreck diving the Torpedo again with fellow Koh Tao tech divers! Instructor Ed is teaching at DJL Koh Lipe for high season so Matt has written about his experience of the most recent Torpedo expedition. We have entered a period of the year when Koh Tao becomes a […]

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The Torpedo Wreck, Koh Tao Wreck Exploration

Recently the guys from the DJL Tech Department teamed up with Roctopus Tech and Koh Tao Tech Divers. The mission was to set off from Koh Tao and explore the Torpedo Wreck. DJL Tech Instructor Ed has written an account of the journey to the wreck for SEA Explorers Club. The Torpedo Wreck At DJL […]

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New Shipwreck Located

The Davy Jones Locker Tec team has found a new shipwreck located North of Koh Tao. DJL owner Tim Lawrence who headed the dive team has taken time out to give us his first impressions of the dive and the wreck that was discovered.   “When I became a tech diving instructor it was my […]

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CCR Diving Song Hong

Being an open circuit cave diver and enjoying the challenge of the deep caves of Thailand I have for a long time wondered about the benefits of closed circuit rebreather technology in relation to caves. As CCR divers will tell you the units work best in a classic diving profile (max depth work shallower) and […]

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