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Tech Diving Courses and Recruitment, Davy Jones Locker, May 2016Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao is expanding its’ Technical Diving Department in 2016. We will be holding a Tec diving camp and conducting a series of IANTD Tech courses between 11th May 2016 and 23rd May 2016, our aim is to offer employment to a number of suitable candidates who gain certification.  You do not need to be an IANTD  Instructor to take part in any of the courses that are offered, however there are certain prerequisites  which are listed below each course.



The Instructor for these courses will be the well respected Rasmus Dysted.

Rasmus has been a Diving Instructor since 1994 & started technical and cave diving in 1996. He has logged over 5000 dives in most parts of the world. Rasmus has written several course programs & materials, is an Instructor Trainer in 4 different training organisations and is also training military special ops. He is specialized in sidemount, CCR cave and trimix and is an Instructor on more than 10 different rebreathers.  His wide range of IANTD certifications make him the ideal candidate to teach the courses we will be offering.

Tech Diving Courses and Recruitment, Davy Jones Locker, May 2016In order to give everyone attending  the opportunity to sign up to become an Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor the schedule will start with the Normoxic courses first.





The planned Tech courses are as follows :

  1. IANTD CCR Normoxic Trimix user level class (MOD2) (CCR and OC)

Max. 60m

Unlimited deco


Prerequisites for the course:


– 18years or older

– Advanced nitrox or technical certified

– Minimum100 logged dives

– If on CCR, minimum 25 dives/hours


  1. IANTD CCR Normoxic Trimix Instructor class (MOD2) (CCR and OC)


Prerequisites for the course:


– 21 years or older

– Must assist one Normoxic class

– Must have been an instructor for a minimum of 2 years

– Minimum 350 dives with at least 100 deeper than 39m & 25m on trimix

– If on CCR, already MOD1 certified instructor.


  1. IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix user level class (OC and CCR)

Max. 48m

Max. 15min. of deco

1 x Deco cylinders (CCR 2 cylinders)

Trimix in back gas, sidemount or rebreather


Prerequisites for the course:


– 15 years or older

– Nitrox certified

– Comfortable in the water and at depth

– Deep diver preferred but not required

– If on CCR, certified and comfortable in the water


  1. IANTD Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor class (CCR and OC)


Prerequisites for the course:


– 18 years or older

– Normoxic  trimix certified

– Minimum 50 dives deeper than 27m

– Minimum 50 dives on nitrox or trimix

– First aid and O2 provider trained

– If on CCR, already instructor on the unit


In the evenings Rasmus hopes to share his knowledge & experience by planning some public presentations on Cave, Technical, & CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) diving. Demo days with DIR Oriented Philosophy may also be scheduled.

The cost of each of these courses is 30,000thb + gas ( 3 thb per litre)

There will also be an option of 2 weeks accommodation for an additional 5000 thb

If you would like the opportunity to train under the supervision of one of the worlds’ leading Technical Diving Instructors & have the ambition to become part of Davy Jones Locker Technical Dive Team please contact

For more information about Technical Diving courses at Davy Jones Locker please visit our Tech Dive Thailand website. If you would like to read about the adventures & diving expeditions we have been on you can find out more by visiting our SEA Explorers Club blog.

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