Diary of the recent expedition Dive 6

Mon 3/10/2011 Unknown cargo vessel believed to be the Akita Maru

Today we wake up to a two meter sea state. We are at anchor, next to the wreck with the shot tied into the bridge from the previous days diving. Good job too. We would have cut straight trough the line or pulled the cross member straight out of the ship. We wait on the anchor for the wave height to settle down. The lads try to get a weather forecast using the sat phone. I don’t think we’re diving today, but we need to recover the shot.

Wave height gets worse, 3 metres. Short interval’s, some rough 4 metres and the current is across us. So we begin to roll heavily. The captain wants to get out of here, so do I. We make a plan to recover the shot. We calculate that the shot will break through quickly in the swell, so we give it a try and tie in. Shorting the line slowly as the  captain watches his ship the pitch and roll. I comment to Dave we might have to cut free, better to lose 4000bt rope. Just then the rope gives around half the length we recover the line and head for the coast.

The swell is coming out of the south west. I pass Jim who voices his concern about the helium tanks banging around. After arthritis  rushing down stairs I see they have worked  loose. I call out to the rest of the guys for help as I can’t secure 15 g size tanks on my own and they look like they’re about to give us a bad hair day! But the guys are on my shoulder and after a stressful ten minutes we manage, between 6 of us, to tie the cylinders down. After that we retire.

Diving today is canceled. The ship manages the swell very effectively and I have a couple of whiskeys and settle down for a long trip to our next mark, the infamous Hatsutaka. She lies  close into the shore so the sea should be flat and calm. The wind is coming off the land. She is also shallow. After the last few days of deep diving a days shallow diving would be good .

The story of the Largarto and the Hatsutaka is one of those microcosms, that mean little on their  own, but  ultimately helped to shift the tide of war. It’s also a story of friendship between brothers in arms, least we forget.

We plan a 60 min dive on air. We will have to boost the helium into one of the empty g’s ,so we don’t waste it, then fill the twinset with air. The mark is only 33mtr so we have  nice long bottom times.

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